Custom Work

Nothing is more rewarding than taking on the challenge of a custom design. Our expertise and reputation have been built on working out solutions to difficult installation requirements and specifications. This is the part of our work that we consider fun as it puts our welding, bending, cutting, shearing and finishing skills to the test.

We have done unique work in the past to some very tough standards. One of our product lines requires “Hospital Grade”  Stainless steel fabrication. This is an opportunity to show our capabilities and deliver a product to exacting specifications with zero margin for error.

Exact Specifications

Most architectural interior and exterior work is made to measure and this is one of our strength. Our team delivers and installs products to excact specifications to provide the perfect fit and custom look.

If you are looking for stainless steel products for interior or exterior installations and have questions on what is appropriate – or – If you are specifying stainless for a project and want our advice on the right material to use – or – If you are looking for pricing and timelines for fabrication work then please give us a call.