Custom Fabrication

Stainless Steel is a product that requires skill and understanding in order to create a beautiful finished product. We all appreciate the sterile properties of Stainless steel which is often a key consideration for an application. But we also appreciate the clean look and aesthetic appeal of highly polished steel. Often our products are one of the more subtle aspects of the interior and add a sophisticated look that is also highly durable.

Stainless Steel can be shaped into just about anything. Our material suppliers have a wide range of gauges and finishes to choose from and this provides us with the raw material we need to create custom products. If you have a unique application give us a call and we’ll see if it is possible in stainless steel .

Durability with a Timeless Style

Stainless is a highly durable and resilient product. It is extremely resistant to weathering even in the harshest climates. it is easy to clean and disinfect making it the perfect surface for kitchens, medical facilities and public buildings. Its beautiful finish makes it an attractive choice for architectural features.

If you are looking for stainless steel products for interior or exterior installations and have questions on what is appropriate – or – If you are specifying stainless for a project and want our advice on the right material to use – or – If you are looking for pricing and timelines for fabrication work then please give us a call.